Vale Dr Alistair Murdoch

August 21st, 2011

I spoke to Alistair Murdoch first when I was looking to buy a veterinary practice. Not Millpoint, just any practice. He was recommended to me as someone I should chat with about goodwill valuations and the mechanics of purchasing a practice.

At the time he had just sold his large practice at Wattle Grove. We had a very pleasant and,from my point of view, informative conversation. I put the phone down, said to myself  “well, he seemed like a nice bloke” and then thought no more of it.

Alistair must have remembered that conversation because, late in 1998, he approached me to gauge whether I would be interested in purchasing Millpoint Veterinary Centre. We reached agreement and I took over the practice in February 1999. I was very grateful when he agreed to return as a locum for two weeks in July of that year as I wished to return to the UK to be with my parents on their golden wedding anniversary and to introduce them to the girl I hoped to marry. With Alistair back at Millpoint I knew I need have no fears for the practice – I could save all my nerves for the proposal.

For the last twelve years Alistair has been a very welcome visitor. Unfailingly pleasant and courteous, charming the nurses and mixing mischieviousness and good nature in exactly the right proportions. I have benefited from his kindness to me and to the practice, and I think and hope he felt the clinic was in safe hands.

It is then with a sense of disbelief that I learned of the tragic accident that had taken his life last week. It is hard to comprehend that someone with so much joy for life, and zest for living should leave us in this way. 

Greatly respected both within the veterinary profession in WA and in his subsequent business career. A devoted husband and father. Many men hope to be thought of  in these terms – Alistair Murdoch was the real deal. Rest in peace.

From my family and all of us at Millpoint Veterinary Centre both past and present, our deepest condolences to Julie, Cameron and Lindon.

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