Could you offer a home to Rosie?

May 17th, 2015

Look, I wouldn’t do this normally but there are always exceptions and this is one. An elderly and terminally-ill owner brought her cat in for euthanasia, reluctantly, as part of the process of setting her affairs in order. But Rosie is a young and apparently healthy cat and I’m well past the stage (if I was ever in it) of euthanasing healthy animals (unless they pose a danger to people or other animals). So Rosie is here, at the clinic, waiting for a loving home.

She’s a desexed domestic medium-haired tortoiseshell and white cat. She was quite timid but I’ve just taken her out of the cage for a cuddle and  she’s starting to trust us. She seems a real sweetie and I think she’d be best suited to a home where she is the only pet and where she will be kept inside. If you or someone you know can offer her a home we’ll vaccinate and worm her to keep your costs down.

If you own and love cats but can’t help on this occasion, please read the last post in this blog on current retrovirus prevalence in WA – and act on it!

PS Thanks to Olivia, Rosie found a really good home in the country. We got a lovely Christmas card from her!

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